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Our purpose leads to the advancement of technology in machine tool arena and thus contributing the comfort and enhancement to the existence of human life. Seeks always to be considered as the major contributor to the society economically and culturally. Dedicated to the development of technology through scientific excellence and innovations. Makes life merry to all those who are connected with us. To provide perfect working environment and seeks to be the most preferred organization to work with. To patronize the technological education and awareness among the interested.

Our History

Mr. KDS. Deol and Mr. ADS. Deol being the promoters of Zurken were involved in the machine tools business since 2000. This business including manufacturing of Workshop machines was continued by them in Zurken since 2002.Driven by a vision to build the company into a temple of technology through team work, the organization has grown manifold from manufacturing gear boxes for machines to developing precision all-geared head lathe machines and later on sophisticated Workshop Machines. Continuous process improvement and fast adoption of State-of-the-art technology has led Zurken in becoming a leader in innovating manufacturing techniques.

Why Choose Us?

Zurken was the one of the reputed company to manufacture workshop machines in Punjab. It was not an end, there are many firsts attached with Zurken since then. The company has a wide product basket consisting of series of Lathe ,Drilling ,Milling ,Hacksaw ,Power Press,VTL, CNC VTL, Horizontal Boring Machining ,Automobile Machines, After the opening up of the Indian Economy, there were great challenges present for Indian companies but Zurken converted all challenges into great opportunities. Zurken has even decided to compete at the global level and started exporting Workshop machines by establishing distribution networks in various continents around the globe. Zurken has clocked a trajectory growth since its inception. The company is passionate about its business, but is also living the life of a true corporate citizen taking care of each and every entity affiliated to it directly or indirectly.

Company has Four different locations at India, Canada, England – South Africa , having a present plant capacity of manufacturing 3000 machines p.a. equipped with world class infrastructure like state of art machine shops with latest and technologically advanced plant and machineries, Assembly Shops, Foundry, Sheet Metal, Paint shop and other allied infrastructure.Zurken – has a strong sales network internationally at ASEAN countries, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Middle East, Netherland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and USA. Zurken caters the machines to Automobile, Aerospace, Allied Machinery, Agriculture, Die & Mould, Jewellery, Defense, Medical Equipment, Plastic Machineries, Power and Textile Machinery. Zurken is having technology centers at Punjab, and has its sales and service branches in all the major cities of India.
Zurken has acquired company is a pioneer across world for its Heavy Duty Machines .

Corporate Social Responsibility

Zurken well understands its responsibility towards the society and it does reflect by activities initiated and ran here.
Zurken has always come forward with best of its efforts to help the society in the time of natural calamities like Tsunami, Earth quake etc.
We often arrange activities like Blood donation camps etc.

Driven by a vision to build the company into “Innovative Place Of Technology” Zurken Machines was established in 2000 and today it is one of the largest multinational. Since inception company has grown manifold from manufacturing gear boxes for machines to developing precision all-geared head lathe machines. Later on Zurken Machines has rightly identified shift from conventional machines to highly sophisticated workshop machines.

Company Progress

Zurken Machines one of the leading Manufacturer & Exporter of workshop machines in India, Zurken Export their Machines around the Globe ,on the behalf of our annual report and going through all analyses steps we proudly present our Company progress report as compare to last years .Our products are manufactured & assembled locally with a customer centric approach. We are leaders in wide range of All kind of Lathe Machines,Drilling Machines,Milling Machines ,Hacksaw Machines,Plano Miller Machines ,Packing Machines ,Sloter Machines,Boring Machines,Thread Roller Machines ,Automobile Machines etc..Zurken Export target area includes Whole Gulf, Europe & Asia Countries. We established our new units and dealer ship networks like Canada ,England ,Nigeria ,Nepal ,Bangladesh.


About Our Logo

“Logos Are A Graphic Extension Of The Internal Realities Of A Company “ -Saul Bass.

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1.This symbol illustrates the shape of Zurken (diamond) itself and the goal is to walk a path on which the company will shine and sparkle as brightly as diamond because if it travel the path with honourable hearts, it will accomplish the mission of light.

The Best Lathe Machine Exporter In India

2.The outer octagon is designed to signify the spirit of the company. The inside of it where all these areas are intermix ,represent the excellence for a group composed of highly creative , technically competent people. The solid crossbar in it signifies creative intellectual endeavour as the unifying element in the realm of the company.

the best lathe machine exporter in India zurken machines

3.The outer hexagon shape occurs in nature , found in the foundation of honeycomb and it is associated with perfection , reliability, and hardwork . The six point interlocking triangles have been used for “ PROVED” mark that means it is a sign of quintessence ;

Refined Extract
Purest and Most Perfect
Embodiment Of Class and Quality.

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4. Z represents for the name of company ”ZURKEN” as itself and the Zeal to make its name glorious among the world.

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best lathe machine in India zurken
Best Machine Manufacturing Company In Punjab, about zurken machines
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Best Machine Manufacturing Company In Punjab, About Zurken Machines