Our Manufacturing Unit

Zurken have the dedication about its product quality .Reputation depends on the dedication of individuals to lead the way for the quality we wish to achieve. Methodology, management & consistency of process provide the environment for achieving perfection. We go far beyond 100% measurement of components; its commitment to achieving perfection in all aspects of manufacturing and is reflected in our customer satisfaction with our products Quality .Zurken Machines are committed to meeting the strictest requirements of our customers by reasonable pricing, fine quality, on-time delivery, and excellent service. Your enquiries and visit are always welcome. We look forward to serving you.

Zurken Machine’s “Foundry”

  • The raw-material of the machine is an important factor to improve the life & quality of the machine, so Zurken decided to have its own captive foundry.
  • Foundry is totally mechanized with the production of 800 tons per month.
  • It is well equipped with fully mechanized FETLLING Division.
  • Graded quality casting is produced with mechanized fast loop molding technique.
  • Casting is also produced with resin bonded 2 part molding system.
  • For melting, Zurken has installed 5 tons capacity induction Furnace.
  • Zurken Foundry is also supported by the latest chemical and physical testing facility.
Zurken- Foundry
Zurken Foundry Unit
Zurken Machines Foundry Unit India
Zurken Machines Foundry Unit

Our Certifications

Zurken Quality Certifications

Zurken works hard to ensure that all Zurken products meet rigorous international standards, including CE and ISO. Select one of the categories below for more detailed information. Zurken have certified CE, ISO 9001 -2008, ISO 9001 -2015.



Zurken Machines Corporation has completed the certification process that is required to affix the CE mark to our products. We declare, in sole responsibility, that all Zurken Brand Machines, options and accessories comply with the regulations as outlined in the National as well as International Machinery Directive.

ISO 9001-2008


Zurken Machines Corporation has been a leader in the design and manufacture of workshop machine tools and accessories since 2000. Maintaining that leadership position requires continuous attention to improving processes in all areas of the company. Zurken developed a quality management system early on, to ensure that manufacturing procedures and product quality were constantly advancing. In 2010 Zurken Machines Formalized its quality management system to meet the requirements for ISO 9001:2008 certification. It was largely a matter of training employees in ISO procedures, and modifying the existing system to conform to the most current ISO standards.

ISO certification requires ongoing evaluation and Zurken undergoes twice-yearly reviews to ensure that the quality systems are maintained. Our continued compliance assures that we will provide the highest-quality products and services possible.

ISO 9001-2015


In 2016, Zurken Machines received ISO 9001:2015 certification from international standards authority. This achievement affirms Zurken Machines’s conformance with the standards set of a international organization for standardization, and acknowledges the Zurken commitment to meeting the needs and requirements of its customers in the global marketplace.


Zurken Machines has imbibed the objective of designing and manufacturing Techniques driven and innovative machines with high grade quality. Zurken’s design engineers who are dedicated to continually re-engineer our machines providing high quality and high accuracy which are compatible to facilitate wide range of application requirements of our customers.We also design the machines according to our client requirement.

Quality Control Section

(A) Inspection and Test of,

  • Raw materials, received
  • Shop assembled items
  • Fabricated individual members
  • Welding
  • Corrosion Control (Hot-Dip-Galvanizing)
  • Purchased standard parts and other subcontracted products
  • Painting
  • Packing
  • Foundation Drawing

(B) Preparation for the inspection by the Customer’s inspectors and report generation.

(C) Investigation, settlement and reporting of the defects or failures which are claimed by customers

Quality Committee

Quality control circles will be formed in every section of proposed development. Each circle will select their subject for improvement of the production quality. The quality committee will encourage the activities of the quality control circles. The committee will consist of department managers in factory.

Analysis and evaluation of the performance of the activities which are conducted by the committee.

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Zurken provides the required training to our clients regarding the updated products time to time. Training and development holds a special attention and place at Zurken. We has a separate team of engineers who are dedicated to training & development, makes us special. The training and development team can grumble about having no role models, or take pride in the fact that we can be trend-setters.
A VTL operators are equivalent to service engineers after undergoing few days of training and development activities that we provide. Each new employee is brought up speedily so that he can be productive as quickly as possible.

Zurken Machine’s “Paint Shop”

Zurken established its personal paint part course of adopted by CED primer coating and conveyor backing with powder coating cubicles. There are four powder coating cubicles in line of various colors. Versatile paint part which can ship sheet–steel elements duly powder coated / painted with CED primer coating and castings might be delivered with CED primer coatings and adopted by backing.

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