Technical Specifications (in mm)

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The Best Horizontal Boring Machine Exporter Of India

Basic Features

  • The entire Casting of machine is a mixture of 25% Steel & Ferro Chrome etc. for achieving proper Brinell Hardness, which is seasoned for at least six months..
  • Having Grade-1 Limits of accuracy.
  • High Accuracy of machining due to precision scrapped/ground Guideways of Bed & Pillars etc.
  • An accuracy of .005 mm resolution is measured, using
    • Fine Positioning of Dial Indicators & Verniers
    • Fine Positioning by Dial Indicators & Verniers or Digital Read-Out System having an accuracy of .005 mm resolution for close manufacturing tolerances.
  • Geometrical Accuracy of the machine conforms to Dr. SCHLESINGER’S ACCEPTANCE TEST CHART
  • Massive ribbed box type bed to bear the Heavy Loads, & Sturdy box type Columns to withstand the heavy cutting force even at elevated height
  • Having precise synchronized vertical travel of head stock and boring stay support
  • Automatic Feeds and Rapid Travels are provided for all traverses of X, Y & Z Axis of the machine and for circular movement of Work Table.
  • For ensuring smooth and silent running, all gears are precision cut on imported Mother Machinery.
  • A lever attached to feed gear box is adjusted with Manual Boring Head Height setting.
  • Swiveling Pendent Board is managed centrally.
  • Hand operated wheel attached to feed gear box motor for the safest engagement of feeds, and Hand Operated knurled Knob attached to head stock drive motor for speeds.
  • Threading, Milling, and Taper Boring Attachments are the special attachments, which perform multiple operations on a single machine.
  • An accurate adjustable stopper sets 4×90° position of Rotary Table

Finds applications in

  • Automobile industry
  • Engineering industry
  • Steel industry
  • Electrical industry



  • STANDARD EQUIPMENTS : Two Electric Motors :- 3 H.P.& 2 H.P. for 65mm H.B.M., 5 H.P. & 2 H.P. for 80mm H.B.M., 7.5 H.P. & 2 H.P. for 100mm H.B.M., 10 H.P. & 3 H.P. for 110mm H.B.M., 12.5 H.P. & 5 H.P. for 125mm H.B.M. & for 150mm H.B.M. 15 H.P. & 5 H.P. Electric Motors complete with Panel Board & Pendant Control Board. One Facing Head with Single Point Tool Holder, 2 Nos. Lubrication Pumps, 5 Nos. Limit Switches, One Steel Telescopic Cover to guard the machine Bed, One Machine Lamp, One Boring Bar, One Spindle Vibration Control Guide, Co-ordinate reading arrangement with Scales & Verniers for X,Y and Z Axis along with Crank Handles are also supplied as Standard Equipments with every machine.
  • EXTRA EQUIPMENTS : 2Axis or 3Axis Digital Read-out System for the Pin-Point Accuracy, Angular D.R.O. System for the perfect indexing of Rotary Work Table, TURCITE coating for the anti-friction movements of all major sliding parts of the machine, Vertical or Universal Milling Attachment, Taper Boring Attachment, Threading Attachment complete with special Threading Chuck, Revolving Centre with 6”/ 8” True Chuck, Three Nos. Dial Indicators in dust proof Aluminium housings with attachments & Electric Coolant Pump etc. can be supplied as EXTRA EQUIPMENTS at their Net Extra Costs

The Best Horizontal Boring Machine Supplier In Punjab