Lathe Machines

Lathe Machines



The lathe Machine is an ancient tool, dating at least to ancient Egypt and known to be used in Assyria and ancient Greece. The lathe was very important to the Industrial Revolution.The origin of turning dates to around 1300 BCE when the Ancient Egyptians first developed a two-person lathe. One person would turn the wood work piece with a rope while the other used a sharp tool to cut shapes in the wood. Ancient Rome improved the Egyptian design with the addition of a turning bow. In the Middle Ages a pedal replaced hand-operated turning, allowing a single person to rotate the piece while working with both hands. The pedal was usually connected to a pole, often a straight-grained sapling. The system today is called the “spring pole” lathe. Spring pole lathes were in common use into the early 20th century.

2.Types of Zurken Lathe Machines

Zurken manufacturing high quality Lathe machines in India following are the Category which are we manufacturing

1, Conventional Lathe Machines
2. Algeared Lathe Machines
3. CNC Lathe Machines
4. Vertical Turning Lathe Machines (VTL)
5. Tranning Purpose Lathe Machines

3.Zurken Lathe Modes of use

When a workpiece (Job) is fixed between the headstock and the tail-stock, it is said to be “between centers”. When a workpiece is supported at both ends, it is more stable, and more force may be applied to the workpiece, via tools, at a right angle to the axis of rotation, without fear that the workpiece may break loose.

4. Zurken Lathe Machines Accessories

STANDARD ACCESSORIES :- Face plate, Steady rest, Follow rest , Thread dial gauge, 2 M.T .Centre, Over head counter shafts (with belt driven lathes only ) and a set of 22 change wheels

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES :-Equipments at an Extra cost – Coolant Pump, Electric Motor, Four Jaws Chuck, Electric Lamp, 3 Jaws self centring chuck, Metric Pitch Gear.

5.Zurken Lathe Performance evaluation

National and international standards are used to standardize the definitions, environmental requirements, and test methods used for the performance evaluation of Zurken lathes. Selection of the standard to be used is an agreement between the Zurken and the user and has some significance in the design of the lathe. Zurken Machines Corporation is Certified Company with ISO 2009-2015 ,ISO 2009-2008 ,CE Marking .For manufacturing high quality Machines .

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