The Best Hydraulic Hacksaw Machines Manufacturer In Punjab


In accordance with our continuous improvement we reserve the right to change the specifications without any notice.


  • Automatic, Two Speed.
  • Fast Precision cutting-Accurate True.
  • SAW FRAME: The saw frame is of rigid construction and runs in prismatic guide ensuring a square and parallel cutduring job work. The cutting of the material takes place on the draw stroke and the blade is hydraulically lifted out of contact with the work-piece on the forward stroke to prevent wear on the blade.
  • FEED: TheHacksaw blade is hydraulically operated by two levers on the dash-pot on linking to an automatic lift of saw frame on the completion of cutting cycle while other regulating the rate of down feed, the dash-pot being designed to lift the blade on non-cutting stroke.
  • BED: The bed is of large size provided with guide ways for holding the cutting material. The vice is rigid construction with one jaw is fixed, while the other is operated by a screwed shaft and nut.
  • DRIVE:Power is supplied by a suitable electric motor through V-belts which are full adjustable for tension all drive mechanism being totally enclosed.
  • COOLANT TANK: Coolant tank is totally enclosed in the machine base and a constant speed pump supplies the coolant the point of contact between the blade and work-piece.
  • SPEED: Two cutting speed are provided by us, the mechanism allows for the most suitable speed to select for material being cut.
  • ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENTS: A direct-on-line push-button, starter incorporates an adjustable trip mechanism and stops the machine as the blade is cleared off the work piece.